She has been involved in the setting up of the Teacher Training Course in Suzuki ECE since 2002, and in Cello since 2010, and has been responsible for the organisation of several major teacher training workshops with leading international specialists, including Takao Mizushima, Sally-Ann Brown, Dorothy Jones and Sharon Jones. In April 2009, she delivered a paper on 'The Magic of Suzuki ECE' at the Suzuki World Conference in Melbourne, Australia.

Teacher specialisation in Suzuki ECE has proven to be a very necessary dimension to any Suzuki Association in laying the foundations for beginning a Suzuki instrument and for life-long learning. It is an extremely rewarding area of specialisation, particularly for trained, experienced Suzuki teachers. Many report a growing sense of personal enrichment and professional satisfaction in their instrumental teaching through their training and practices as Suzuki Early Childhood Music educators.

“We engage in human education through music so that children will grow with beautiful hearts and high sensitivity, through an unparalled, uniquely musical approach.” Dr. Shinichi Suzuki

Emma is committed to the delivery of quality education and care in the early years and is currently undertaking studies in Early Childhood and Care at Murdoch University in Western Australia.

Suzuki Teacher Accreditation is achieved through completion of the relevant course of study offered by our State Association, STEAA(WA). Once accredited, all Suzuki Teachers are required to complete a specified amount of professional development each year in order to keep their accreditation current.

Regular opportunities for professional inquiry amongst Suzuki educators are highly valued in the interests of the provision of quality practices in accordance with the Suzuki Philosophy. Ongoing reflective practice of our teaching with other educators, where we collaboratively review and share ideas, keeps our programmes fresh and inspired. Many teachers worldwide have been inspired by the Suzuki Philosophy and the teacher training programme, and there can be no doubt that it has positively affected the lives of many families in so many ways. For more information, contact Suzuki Music (WA)

Emma O’Keefe B.A, B.MUS (Performance), P.G Dip. is an accredited Teacher Trainer in Suzuki Cello and Suzuki Early Childhood Education and regularly organises Teacher Training Workshops for Suzuki teacher trainees and teachers needing to satisfy the requirements of Teacher Accreditation Courses offered through the Suzuki Talent Education Association of Australia or STEAA(WA). She delivers ongoing Professional Learning opportunities for practising, Suzuki Teachers and Trainees, as well as an Observation Programme and Consultation Service.

Emma O’Keefe’s Suzuki Education and Training programme, Grow With Music, was established in 1995, inspired by the ongoing mentorship of Mr Takao Mizushima in Suzuki Cello, and Mrs Dorothy Jones in Suzuki ECE.

Emma grew up in a Suzuki family and began teaching Suzuki Cello in 1995. In 2000, Emma undertook Teacher Training in Suzuki Early Childhood Education with Mrs Dorothy Jones in London, Ontario, Canada at The Children’s Talent Education Centre. Since that time, through training and leadership, she has established herself as Australian Teacher Trainer in Suzuki ECE and Cello, and has devoted herself to developing Suzuki ECE nationally as well as within W.A.

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