The correct cello size for your child will be assessed as part of the Introductory Consultation. Younger students will also need a scrapbook, rock-stop, stool and a foot mat. When it is time for your child to 'go up' a cello size, please always make sure you have discussed with Emma the necessary size and brand and on any advice before making any purchase or entering into any hire agreement with an outside party.

POLICY STATEMENT for Early Years Learning Programs

Suzuki ECE

Enrolment Policy

Fees are non-refundable under any circumstances. Make-up classes will be considered according to availability by prior arrangement and must be taken in the current term.

In enrolling in the Grow With Music programme, I understand that:

1. the classes provide a special time for me and my child to engage directly with each other, and I will arrange for siblings to be cared for at home while we are at music,
2. the amount of success gained by my child is dependent upon our regular attendance in weekly classes, singing and playing the CD daily at home, and my full participation in all class activities,
3. we need to leave toys and other distractions at home,
4. no food or drink is to be brought into the classroom,
5. arriving in plenty of time allows my child to settle and prepare for music class so that maximum benefit is derived from it,
6. parental talking is kept to an absolute minimum during class to allow children to focus, concentrate and follow instructions from the teachers. Good listeners are likely to do better once formal schooling begins.


Early Childhood Membership of the State Suzuki Association (STEAAWA) is a requirement of this programme and is included in your fees.
You are strongly encouraged to read ‘Nurtured By Love’ (Shinichi Suzuki) and to make yourself familiar with the Suzuki Philosophy, including the following beliefs held by Suzuki teachers:
1. Children learn best in enriched environments full of love and caring that ‘teach and foster’ the learning rather than teaching and moving on to something entirely new.
2. Mixed-age groupings mean older children learn sensitivity and a sense of pride, and provide a source of focus for the younger ones, just as it is in the family setting.
3. Music is a natural way to foster life-long learning.


If you or your visitors are taking photos or short video recordings of your own child during class, then please seek prior permission from your class teacher. No class may be video recorded in its entirety under any circumstances. Bear in mind that your full participation in class is required at all times for the benefit of your child’s learning and the learning of others, and that removing yourself from the circle as photographer in effect removes yourself from the ‘action’ and may mean you miss important learning moments.

Please be advised that photos and video are often taken in our classes and at associated concerts by teachers for educational purposes of our parents and teachers, in Suzuki Music (WA) and SECE(WA) newsletters and on the internet. By enrolling in this program, you agree to photos and/or video footage of your child being used for these purposes.

Terms and Conditions