Since the development of Suzuki Early Childhood Education, scientists, neurologists, psychologists, paediatricians and authors have written about the importance of the early childhood years. All believe that learning certainly begins at birth and many believe some learning takes place in utero (Dorothy Jones).

We know that the ear is the first organ to be developed before birth and that the young foetus can not only hear, but responds and habituates to sound. The benefits of playing music to the foetus in the last trimester of pregnancy are tangible and an exciting consideration for many parents-to-be. Dr. Suzuki believed that learning begins before birth and that, ‘for the sake of children’, we should educate ‘from the cradle’ to help develop ‘a noble mind, a high sense of values and splendid ability.’ (Nurtured By Love)

If you are expecting a baby and have an interest in the benefits of music before and after birth, you can book for an introductory session to find out more click here.

Prenatal Music Consultations for pregnant women

Grow with Music has been offering a quality Suzuki Early Years Learning programme in East Fremantle for newborns, babies and toddlers and their families since 1999. Rich and respectful partnerships between our educators, parents and carers create an environment that supports the diverse, dynamic and holistic nature of children's learning through active enjoyment of music and singing within the Suzuki Philosophy. We believe in nurturing the unlimited learning potential of all children from a very early age, including from before birth.

Suzuki Early Years Learning